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About Us

We help high-performing leaders to clarify their vision, align their teams, and create a culture of accountability by implementing modern productivity tools and systems.

Compass Productivity was launched in 2022 by tech consultants Steven Granese and Adam Ulery with a singular mission. They wanted to apply the same productivity tools and systems they implemented for the last decade at Fortune 500 enterprises and Big 4 consulting firms and make them available to any organization and individual. ​


Too many people have become burned out in recent years by the chaos of remote work, the uncertainty of advancing technology, and the misapplication of older, antiquated methods of getting work done.

Adam Ulery and Steven Granese

​Compass Productivity exists to reverse this burnout. They guide high-performing leaders to re-energize their teams.  They believe that the best cure for burnout is a renewed clarity about impactful missions and objectives, and alignment on the most critical actions that deliver rapid results.

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The Compass Difference

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We are Experienced Practitioners

Our difference is our experience gained from years of practical, real-world experience. We have advised Fortune 500s, Big 4 Consultancies, and funded startups across multiple industries. With Compass, you're not just getting consultants but partnering with practitioners who've walked in your shoes.

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We Know How to Lead Change

Change is hard, but we excel in leading change because we have lived it. We work closely with you to manage the complexities of change, like addressing resistance, fostering buy-in at all levels, and ensuring seamless integration into business operations. We make change not just achievable but also inspiring and realistic.

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We are Productivity Thought Leaders

We are not just advocates of productivity -  we shape its future. By continuously exploring the newest, most innovative ideas, we help our clients adopt the most practical productivity solutions. By working with Compass Productivity, you're aligning with a team at the forefront of productivity thought leadership.

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