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Clarify Your Vision
Discover the Path to Your Ideal Future

Are you looking to define a clear and compelling future for yourself? Join our upcoming mini-course, Clarify Your Vision, designed to help you articulate and focus on your life's most meaningful goals.
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Why Join This Course?

This course is not just about setting goals—it’s about discovering what truly matters to you and aligning your life with your deepest values and aspirations. Here’s what makes this course a must-attend:

  • Personal Discovery: Dive deep into your personal 'whys' and core values that shape your decisions and direction.

  • Visionary Goal Setting: Learn to set impactful long-term and short-term goals that reflect your ultimate life vision.

  • Focused Action Plans: Develop actionable strategies to turn your vision into reality, starting right now.

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What You Will Gain

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A Clear Direction for Present and Future
Eliminate confusion by defining a clear path for your personal and professional life.
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Enhanced Motivation and Commitment
Connect your daily actions to your larger life goals to boost motivation.
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Practical Strategies for Success
Walk away with concrete steps to start making your vision a reality immediately.

Course Outline

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  1. Clarify Your Purpose: Explore your deepest values and motivations to craft a personal mission statement that will guide your future decisions and actions.

  2. Clarify Your Intentions: Establish long and mid-term goals that align with your purpose and mission.

  3. Clarify Your Focus: Select an impactful short-term goal to pursue by understanding why you want it and uncovering strategies to begin making daily progress.

Meet Your Coach: Steven Granese

With over two decades of coaching experience, Steven has simplified the art of productivity into practical steps anyone can follow. During his career, he has guided leadership teams of enterprise and startup tech firms alike to better results by implementing organizational productivity systems like Agile, Lean, 4DX, and Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). He has also coached executives to implement personal productivity systems that help them stay focused and relaxed while staying at the top of their game. Now, he is taking all of these lessons and combining them into a series of classes called the Compass Navigator Productivity System.

Steven Granese

Questions? Feedback?

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