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St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce
The Challenge

The leadership team of the Chamber experienced significant turnover in 2022, leading to public events being underfunded and canceled. An exploding economic climate in the city, the impact of a global pandemic, and a new mayoral administration added to the complexity facing this new team. Chamber president Chris Steinocher said, "Our biggest challenge was taking the time to focus on creating an OKR system while facing the tyranny of the urgent."

Logo - St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce
Picture of Chris Steinocher, President St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce

“Compass has supported our senior leaders by establishing a clear path forward for our organization and our members. They have become an invaluable resource to our community.”

Chris Steinocher, President
St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce

The Solution

Compass implemented the Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) framework by conducting three workshops over the course of three months.  They set up a simple progress tracking tool to share with the Board of Governors and create a sense of urgency. They also coached the team to conduct a disciplined weekly review meeting to decide on clear actions, update the progress tracker, and discuss the effectiveness of their work.

The Result

The team quickly identified their top goal for Q1 of 2023, which was to sign top-line sponsors for all major events for the entire year. The OKR was publicly communicated to the Board of Governors and all Chamber members to bring awareness and instill a sense of urgency.  The initial goal was achieved by the end of January! OKRs were so successful that Mr. Steinocher implemented them with all of the Chamber’s 14 volunteer committees. He also created a colorful red/yellow/green dashboard to visually communicate the progress of all the OKRs. 


The Board has publically communicated that it is having its most successful year in over a decade.

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