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OKR Foundations - Online Course

Achieve better results for your organization with Objectives and Key Results.

What You Will Learn

  • Creating an effective, valuable OKR

  • Tracking weekly progress toward a key result

  • Establishing a bias for action with a review meeting

  • Why OKRs require a culture of empowerment

  • Creating aligned OKRs that scale across your entire organization

Course Agenda

  • Motivating Objectives

  • Measurable Key Results

  • Publish the OKR

  • Progress Tracking

  • Aligned Actions

  • Review & Adapt

  • Resetting OKRs

  • Scaling OKRs


This course includes:

  • 4 hours of on-demand video

  • One complimentary 30-minute coaching session after the workshop

  • Money back guarantee

  • OKR Compass PDF Download

  • Certificate of completion


Explore the depths of OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) in our intensive four-hour workshop, designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of this strategic framework. This session is set to equip attendees with the necessary knowledge and tools to effectively implement OKRs in their organization. Our experienced facilitators will guide you through the process of setting motivating objectives, measuring key results, promoting a proactive culture, and scaling team alignment. Through interactive exercises, real-world case studies, and group discussions, you'll gain hands-on experience in formulating and executing OKRs, ultimately driving growth, productivity, and strategic alignment in your organization. Whether you're a business leader, manager, or ambitious professional, this workshop promises valuable insights into leveraging OKRs for superior business performance.

Presented by our Partners
Adam Ulery and Steven Granese

Steven headshot

Steven Granese

Steven specializes in helping leaders to optimize the results of their teams by applying principles from the productivity and agile movements. Steven has repeated success helping growth-oriented companies to scale their operations and product development efforts to match their business objectives.


Adam Ulery

Adam loves coaching people and teams at all levels of the organization to improve their results and help them grow. With an empathetic, relationship-building approach, Adam helps people get the best out of themselves and increase their performance.

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