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Crafting a Hybrid Planner System 

Do you continuously switch between paper planners and software apps, endlessly searching for the right approach?



This course teaches you how to build the ultimate hybrid solution that combines the best of both analog and digital tools. Building on the concepts of a bullet journal, you will learn how to turn a simple paper notebook into a powerful daily planner designed to help you focus and achieve impactful results. You will also learn how to customize digital tools to rapidly store and access critical information on demand. This simple approach gives you the freedom to choose the tools that work for you and the control to move at your own pace. By the end, you'll have a customized system that enhances your productivity and frees your mind to focus on what truly matters.

What You Will Gain
  • Progress on your most desired goals

  • A calm, clear, and focused mind

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

  • Critical information at your fingertips

  • A trusted system that you actually use

What You Will Learn
  • Convert a paper notebook into a powerful planning system using concepts of a Bullet Journal

  • Establish the keystone habit of the Daily Big 3

  • Configure a digital notes app to be an extension of your mind

  • Empty your inboxes daily

  • Visually track important dates and commitments 

Course Agenda
  • Setup your paper notebook as a planner

  • Clarify your goals and important actions

  • The power of the Daily Big 3

  • Leveraging a Digital Mind

  • Achieving Inbox Zero


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