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Build a Digital Mind

Are you overwhelmed by digital clutter? Transform how you manage your ideas, notes, and files with our upcoming course, "Build a Digital Mind". Say goodbye to digital chaos and hello to a streamlined, efficient digital life.
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Why Join This Course?

This isn't just another organization course—it's a revolutionary approach to managing your digital footprint.


Here’s how you’ll benefit:


  • Streamline Your Digital Environment: Learn the secrets to organizing your digital space, making information retrieval quick and stress-free.

  • Capture and Manage Ideas Effectively: Discover how to efficiently capture your spur-of-the-moment ideas and important notes without losing track.

  • Simplify Your Tools: Integrate various digital tools to create a seamless flow of information across platforms.

  • Reduce Stress: Clear out digital clutter to reduce stress and enhance your focus on tasks that matter.

  • Choose Your Own Tools: Adapt our methods to fit your specific needs, choosing and customizing tools that work best for your lifestyle.

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What You Will Learn

Effective Digital
Master the use of leading digital note-taking apps to capture and organize your thoughts and ideas.
Organizational Strategies
Implement a simple, repeatable method for managing digital files and content across your devices.
Rapid Information Retrieval
Access critical information instantly and effortlessly to enhance quick decision-making.
Long-Term Digital Maintenance
Develop routines for regular reviews of your digital systems to keep them efficient and optimized.

Course Agenda

  1. Setup Your Digital Workspace: Learn to organize your digital tools and platforms for optimal accessibility and workflow efficiency.

  2. Mastering Digital Note-Taking: Explore various digital note-taking apps to capture, organize, and manage your thoughts and information effectively.

  3. Advanced Filing and Categorization: Implement the AMA (Active, Maintain, Archive) method to streamline the organization of digital files and documents.

  4. Achieving Inbox Zero: Develop strategies to deal with new information across all of your inboxes and optimize your digital workflow.

  5. Integrative Digital Systems: Combine different digital tools to create a cohesive system that syncs your data across multiple platforms seamlessly.

Meet Your Coach: Steven Granese

With over two decades of coaching experience, Steven has simplified the art of productivity into practical steps anyone can follow. During his career, he has guided leadership teams of enterprise and startup tech firms alike to better results by implementing organizational productivity systems like Agile, Lean, 4DX, and Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). He has also coached executives to implement personal productivity systems that help them stay focused and relaxed while staying at the top of their game. Now, he is taking all of these lessons and combining them into a series of classes called the Compass Navigator Productivity System.

Steven Granese

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