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The Scrum Master Course

Elevate your Scrum Master skills to new heights with our advanced course. Designed for both newcomers and seasoned professionals, this course provides an in-depth understanding of the Scrum Framework, allowing you to serve your team and organization more effectively. Understand your unique role in each Scrum Event and enhance your facilitation techniques, particularly for Retrospective events.

A Scrum team around a table

Through a balanced mix of theory and hands-on exercises, you'll also gain a keen appreciation for the importance of empiricism, empowering you to inspect and adapt for continuous improvement. By the course's end, you'll be well-equipped to lead Scrum success in your organization.

Course Details

What You Will Learn
  • Deeply Understand the Scrum Framework

  • Articulate the Service Scrum Masters Provide to their Team and Organization

  • Identify the Scrum Master’s Accountability in each Scrum Event

  • Learn New Ways to Facilitate Retrospective Events

  • Appreciate the Importance of Empiricism (Inspect & Adapt)

Course Agenda
  • Overview of Scrum Accountabilities

  • Service to the Product Owner and Development Team

  • Service to the Organization and Stakeholders

  • Overview of Scrum Events

  • Supporting Sprint, Sprint Planning, and the Daily Scrum

  • Supporting the Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective

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