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Create an OKR Course

This mini-course provides a high-level overview of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), a powerful goal-setting framework for organizations.  It is designed for anyone new to OKRs or wanting a quick refresher. The entire mini-course takes under one hour to complete, with additional time to complete the interactive exercises and quizzes. It is a quick way for your team to learn the basics and get started quickly.


The course is broken into three modules that each contain multiple steps: 1) Introduction, 2) Creating an OKR and 3) OKR Resources. In addition, we have provided a PDF download called "OKR Compass" to help complete the interactive exercises.  The first page of the PDF teaches you to create an OKR, and the second page teaches you to create an OKR Progress Tracker. Finally, we created two short quizzes to quickly test your knowledge of the content that you just watched.

Mini-Course Details

What You Will Learn
  • How OKRs can help your team and organization

  • How to create a motivational Objective

  • How to create measurable Key Results

  • The difference between Missions and OKRs

  • Where to get more information about OKRs

Workshop Agenda
  • OKR Benefits​​

  • OKR Overview

  • Missions

  • Objectives

  • Key Results

  • OKR Resources

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