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OKR Scaling Course

Unlock the massive potential of Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) with our OKR Scaling course. Designed to make OKRs easy to grasp and implement, this course teaches you to use OKRs as a dynamic way to set and execute goals. Discover how to create a pivotal North Star OKR that sets the direction for your entire organization. Master the art of developing Tactical OKRs that make your strategy actionable.

People in a circle holding puzzle pieces

Learn how to rapidly realign your organization with an agile OKR reset. Dive into advanced topics like Cascading vs. Aligning OKRs, aligning tactical with Strategic OKRs, and creating a culture of total organization-wide transparency. 

Course Details

What You Will Learn
  • How OKRs are an agile form of goal setting and execution

  • Why transparency is critical for effective OKR implementation

  • Create a single North Star, strategic OKR to align an entire organization

  • Implement tactical OKRs to execute strategy

  • Rapidly align an entire organization with an agile OKR reset sprint

Course Agenda
  • Cascading vs Aligning

  • Strategic OKRs vs. Tactical OKRs

  • Aligning Tactical to Strategic

  • Resetting OKRs at Scale

  • Creating a culture of transparency

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