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Online Courses

Our interactive, live workshops help leaders and their teams with modern productivity concepts about getting work done more efficiently and effectively.  We present straightforward, relatable content and real-world examples to make learning easy and enjoyable. Through multiple hands-on exercises, participants are immersed with tools and techniques for taking rapid action that achieves exponential results.


Objectives & Key Results (OKRs)


High-level overview of the Objectives & Key Results goal-setting framework. This free course includes a PDF download, an interactive exercise, and two quizzes.
(45 mins)

OKR Foundations.png

Jumpstart your transformation by learning how to create, execute, and scale OKRs. This two-hour course includes our OKR eBook and a 60 minute session with a coach.

(2 hours)


Learn core concepts from the Agile software movement, like the agile mindset, agile benefits, cross-functional teams, and popular frameworks like Scrum and Kanban.

(2 hours)

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