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Crafting Connected Key Results

As I interact with clients who have tried OKRs in their current or past organizations, a recurring theme surfaces repeatedly; they misunderstand how to use this transformational and potent tool. OKRs can easily be implemented poorly without a clear intent - a vital lesson I learned again in a recent interaction with a client.

The client, eager for my assistance in a new business area, shared their OKRs with me. As I delved into the ads details, it became abundantly clear that their Key Results were nothing more than a glorified and disconnected list of tasks they hoped to complete in C”:Q by CCCthe upcoming month. This common misconception w CCC prompted me to share advice about crafting high-quality Key Results, one that holds the key to effectively leveraging the power of OKRs:? 2,

Key Results are not simply a collection of various metrics or KPIs for the business. Instead, Key Results are a connected set, both to one another and to the overarching Objective. They embody a relationship, a dynamic synergy that, when observed, paints a vivid picture of the pathway to achieving a goal. Each Key Result should contribute meaningfully to the Objective, and collectively, they define the success that must be achieved toward that Objective. Only then can an organization or team declare victory toward its goal.

The beauty of OKRs lies in their inherent simplicity yet profound impact. They are more than just a tracking tool; they are a compass guiding your team's journey toward their objectives. The key lies in understanding and applying this philosophy to craft high-quality, effective Key Results.

If you are ready to craft high-quality Key Results, and bring the transformational power of OKRs to your organization, take a look at our OKR Foundations course. Let us guide you toward transforming your organization, one high-quality Key Result at a time.



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