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Why Should You Consider OKRs to Grow Your Business?

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) have become a popular goal-setting framework many successful businesses use today. The idea of OKRs originated at Intel, where John Doerr introduced the concept to the company's executives. Doerr was inspired by his experience at Intel and his mentor, Andy Grove, who successfully led the company through strategic goal-setting.

In the early 1980s, John Doerr joined Intel and was amazed by the company's ability to set and achieve ambitious goals. The company used a system called Management by Objectives (MBOs) to set goals and track progress, but Doerr saw an opportunity to improve the system. In 1999, he introduced OKRs to Google, where he became an investor. The system proved to be very effective at Google, and the company has continued to use it to this day.

The OKR system is designed to help businesses set and achieve ambitious goals. The system is built on the idea of setting clear and measurable objectives and then tracking progress toward those objectives using key results. The objectives are typically high-level goals the company wants to achieve, while the key results are specific metrics used to track progress toward those goals.

There are many benefits to adopting OKRs. OKRs help businesses align their goals and strategies, focus on the most important things, and measurably track progress toward those goals. OKRs can also help businesses create a culture of accountability, where employees take ownership of their goals and work to achieve them. By setting clear and measurable goals, businesses can improve their performance and achieve better results.

If you want to use OKRs to transform your business, the first step is to learn more about the system and how it works. We recommend the book "Measure What Matters: How Google, Bono, and the Gates Foundation Rock the World with OKRs" by their creator John Doerr. The book provides a complete history of OKRs, what they are, and how to implement them. At Compass Productivity, OKRs are at the heart of our TeamCompass offering. If you already use OKRs, we offer a free one-hour evaluation of their effectiveness. And if you are new to OKRs, we have multiple ways you can engage us to help you get started. With a little practice, a lot of discipline, and some timely coaching, your business can achieve new levels of results and productivity with OKRs.



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