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OKR Foundations

About this Course

This course provides a foundational understanding of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), a powerful goal-setting framework for teams and organizations. It is designed for those who are new to OKRs or those who want to take their understanding to the next level. The course is broken into four modules that each contain multiple steps: 1) Overview of OKRs 2) Creating an OKR 3) Executing an OKR 4) Scaling an OKR The course provides a comprehensive guide to implementing Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) in organizations, from foundational concepts to advanced strategies. The curriculum begins with the essentials—understanding the philosophy behind OKRs, crafting effective Objectives and Key Results, and maintaining alignment between strategic and tactical OKRs. It then delves into more nuanced topics like the role of the North Star OKR in organizational alignment and rapid, agile alingment illustrating how to navigate the complexities of large-scale OKR implementation. The latter part of the course is a deep dive into the critical processes that sustain OKR success: action planning, monitoring, and review. Participants will learn how to assign actions to specific Key Results, hold periodic review meetings, and navigate the OKR reset process for continual adaptation. Coupled with real-world case studies in the final section, this course offers a holistic view of the OKR lifecycle. Upon completion, participants will be well-equipped to employ OKRs as a potent tool.




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