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Inbox Zero Course

Take control of your inbox and reclaim your focus with our transformative "Inbox Zero" course. This course is designed to liberate you from the tyranny of an overflowing email inbox, teaching you how to reduce it to zero at least once per day. You'll learn the art of efficient email management, minimizing decision fatigue so you can concentrate on what truly matters. Our course covers actionable techniques such as capturing actions from emails, archiving efficiently, and extracting crucial reference information.

Digital envelope

We also guide you on how to set up shortcuts for recurring requests and time-block your calendar to achieve Inbox Zero daily. You'll create a calm and organized digital environment by adhering to principles like "engaging with each email once" and leveraging search rather than organizing with folders.

Course Details

What You Will Learn
  • Reduce your personal inbox to zero items (empty) at least once per day

  • Minimize the number of decisions you make each day

  • Calm and relax your mind to focus on more important work

Course Agenda
  • Capture Actions from Emails

  • Archive Emails into Folders

  • Extract Reference Information from Emails

  • Create Shortcuts for Repeat Requests

  • Reduce the Volume of Incoming Emails

  • Timeblock Your Calendar to Achieve Inbox Zero

  • Leveraging Mobile Devices

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