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Design your Day
to Achieve More

Unlock your full potential by focusing on what matters the most
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About This Course

Most people drift from day to day, reacting from one problem to the next. They dream about what they could accomplish but believe they are too busy to achieve anything meaningful.  They have forgotten how to live each day with intention and design the future they want to live. 

Most planner systems on the market today are too complicated.  They require too much effort to use and often cause more stress than they reduce. Most people need a drop-dead simple approach to achieving more and reducing stress.


This online, on-demand course will teach you the fundamentals of designing your day, focusing on the actions that drive the most meaningful and impactful results. Using simple paper and digital tools you already have access to, you will learn to clarify goals and build momentum by taking daily action. 

"What if every day you complete actions aligned with your most desired professional and personal goals?"
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What You Will Learn

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Clarify the results you want to achieve with outcome-based thinking
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Create a compelling “why” to sustain long term motivation
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Configure simple tools into a powerful planning system
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Build consistent momentum with daily impactful actions

Who is this Course for?

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At the Office
Are you frustrated with complicated planner systems, and you are looking for a simple solution?


This course is ideal for professionals who have tried various planning tools over the years but have never been satisfied with their results.  They have purchased endless numbers of fancy and expensive planning tools, only to use them as a glorified calendar and to-do list! 


 Whether you prefer paper planners, digital apps, or a combination of both, we will teach you the fundamentals for setting and achieving goals by clarifying your results and taking daily action.  If you have struggled to implement planner tools, this course will teach you the fundamentals you have been missing.

Meet Your Coach: Steven Granese

With over two decades of coaching experience, Steven has simplified the art of productivity into practical steps anyone can follow. During his career, he has guided leadership teams of enterprise and startup tech firms alike to better results by implementing organizational productivity systems like Agile, Lean, 4DX, and Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). He has also coached executives to implement personal productivity systems that help them stay focused and relaxed while staying at the top of their game. Now, he is taking all of these lessons and combining them into a series of classes called the Compass Navigator Productivity System.

Steven Granese
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Become the first to be alerted when this brand new course launches.

Thank your for joining our waitlist. 

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