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Live Courses

Our interactive, live course help leaders and their teams with modern productivity concepts about getting work done more efficiently and effectively.  We present straightforward, relatable content and real-world examples to make learning easy and enjoyable. Through multiple hands-on exercises, participants are immersed with tools and techniques for taking rapid action that achieves exponential results.


Objectives & Key Results (OKRs)

Create an OKR (mini-course)

Learn to create your first OKR with motiviating Objectives and measurable Key Results

OKR Foundations.png

Learn to create, execute and scale OKRs at your organization for massive results

okr scale.png

Transform your organization with inspirational goals and a culture of empowerment


Agile Foundations

Dive into the core elements of Agile, including the mindset, team design, and frameworks 

Scrum Foundations

Learn the Scrum framework and how it can transform your product development efforts

Kanban Foundations

Unlock the potential of your organization with a lean approach to getting work done


Product Discovery

Validate your teams are building the right product that users will love with design thinking techniques

Customer Validation

Master the Product Owner role by learning to articulate a product vision and deliver incremental value

User Story Mapping

Visually communicate how a product will be used, highlights functional gaps, and prioritize releases

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